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Upper Extremity Orthoses

Many different styles and types of upper extremity orthoses are available. Some are simple in design and available custom fit to the client while others are very involved and uniquely designed for specific uses.  Below are samples of common orthoses.

Knills.jpg (6079 bytes) Short Thumb Spica splint is custom fit to the individual for interphalangeal (IP) or 1st metacarpal phalangeal joint conditions and pathologies such as game keepers/skiers thumb, deQuervain's tenosynivitis.



Custom plastic wrist hand orthoses (WHOs) are fabricated from a plaster cast of the clients hand/arm and may include the thumb if involved. Carpal tunnel, post CVA, head injury carpal fractures are common ailments fitted with this type of orthosis.


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Finger.jpg (11569 bytes) Finger Orthoses are custom made for each client and can be used post surgically, for traumatic injuries and various neurological or arthritic conditions.




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