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Spinal Bracing

Spinal  orthoses range from simple elastic corsets which are available "off the shelf" to custom made body jackets requiring casting and X-ray examination. Each client and situation is unique.

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Harris lumbarsacral orthosis (LSO) is a custom made brace with thoracic, pelvic, lateral and paraspinal bars. It is indicated for discogenic ailments, post surgically and other lumbarsacral conditions.



BOSTON1.jpg (11140 bytes) Custom plastic thoracolumbarsacral orthosis (TLSO) or body jacket is fabricated from a plaster cast of the client's body and may have an anterior or posterior opening or be of bivalved design. Conditions treated include scoliosis, kyphosis, post spinal surgery for spondylolisthesis and other spinal degeneration conditions. 

Pictured is a child's posterior opening jacket with colourful graphics imbedded into the plastic at the client's request.




Jewett1.jpg (54779 bytes) Jewett Hyperextension Orthosis is built on the 3 point pressure system which encourages spinal extension. By applying pressure by way of a sternal, pubis and posterior lumbarsacral pads the spine is extended. This device is used post surgically for fusions and/or fractures around the thoraco-lumbar junction of the spinal column.

This device is custom fit to the client.



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Lumbarsacral Corsets are custom fitted to each client and offer interabdominal support which helps to relieve lumbar sacral back pain, lower back pain and other general lower back ailments. Corsets are elastic, lace and cotton garments with reinforced boning .



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