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Knee Orthoses

All knee orthoses (unless otherwise indicated) are custom made from a cast of the client's leg. These orthoses offer many features as illustrated and are prescribed to control a range knee ailments.


Carbon and titanium construction with a "low profile" strapping system. Very light weight brace which affords lots of strength through the use   of new space-age materials. Custom graphics available. Fabricated from cast of client's leg.

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Light weight brace made from measurements (not cast) available in three lengths to accommodate most legs. Bilateral joints for good torsional control

Avant Garde

Carbon composite design with low profile strapping system. Flexible thigh section with bilateral joints. Fabricated from cast of client's leg.

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Generation II

Patented "poly-axial" unilateral hinge with polyethylene thigh and calf shells available in many colours. Fabricated from cast of client's leg.




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CHECK orthosis stops hyperextension, mild varus/valgus instabilities. Available in one size which is custom fit to the individual client.


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