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Glossary of Terms


anterior situated or directed towards the front.
bivalved having two sections or halves.
bunion abnormal prominence on the inner aspect of the first metatarsal head with resulting displacement of the first toe.
dorsi flexion backward flexion or bending of the hand or foot. Angle between foot and shaft of leg is decreased during dorsi flexion.
eversion turning the inside out away from the midline, opposite of inversion.
gait a manner or style of walking.
inversion a turning inward towards the midline, opposite of eversion.
lateral denoting a position farther from the midline of the body or structure, opposite of medial.
medial situated toward the midline of the body or structure, opposite of lateral.
orthosis an orthopaedic appliance used to support, align, prevent, or correct deformities or to improve function of movable parts of  the body, plural orthoses.
plantar fasciitis inflammation of the dense fascia of  the plantar aspect of foot arising from the calcaneus and inserting into the base of proximal phalanges.
plantar flexion the toe-down motion of the foot at the ankle.
posterior situated or directed towards the back.
valgus abnormally bent outward
varus abnormally bent inward


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