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Your feet are with you for life. They form the "base of support" and act as the foundation for your body. Most people rarely give their feet a second thought. What happens, though, when the foundation starts to show signs of strain? What is the best way to ease this pain? Some people try "home remedies" such as foot baths and massage, various medications available "off the shelf" and many other treatments. Most are unsuccessful and just allow the pain to increase.

Many people who suffer with these problems do so because of a muscle  or bone problem within the foot or ankle. Each foot contains 27 bones and numerous muscular structures. How well they function together determines how your feet feel. Imbalances or abnormal  motion can lead to a number of conditions such as bunions, calcaneal (heel) spurs, hammer-toes, plantar fasciitis, corns and calluses. These conditions can contribute to problems "higher up" such as knee and hip pain, lower back aches and even headaches.

What's the Solution?

Foot orthoses - AAAaahhhh. Sometimes called arch supports, foot orthoses are custom made devices which act to control (or limit) motion in a dynamic setting. By improving the biomechanical function of each foot during gait (a person's walking pattern) orthoses help to alleviate the wearer's foot problems. Because everybody has different feet, they must be custom made. Most often, the individual is referred by a doctor for a thorough assessment by a Certified Orthotist. Once this has been done and the problem is determined, a cast or impression is taken of each foot and the orthoses are fabricated. Although you may have the same "problem" as somebody else everyone has unique feet. Custom foot orthoses are necessary.

Do I wear Foot Orthoses Forever?

The condition being addressed really determines the wearing period required. Some clients find their orthoses are unnecessary after a period of time; other people feel more comfortable by continuing with their supports.

How Much do Orthoses Cost?

The cost involved with making foot orthoses varies depending upon several factors. Orthotic design, materials, time and size are all contributing factors. In general, the cost usually ranges between $ 185 and $ 345 per pair. This price includes consultation, assessment and follow-up appointments. Unfortunately the Ontario Ministry of Health does not fund foot orthoses even though they are medically necessary as prescribed by your doctor. Most health insurance plans will fund foot orthoses in full or in part. In the event that your require alternative funding assistance the staff at Algonquin Orthopaedics can assist you in a confidential search for alternative funding sources.

Simple to Complex

As mentioned earlier, the reasons for foot problems vary from person to person. These conditions may be easy to control or may be complex in nature. At Algonquin Orthopaedics we are available to discuss and recommend solutions to your individual foot problems.

Consultations are free of charge and no referral is necessary. Service is provided to all age groups and we have a flexible appointment schedule.



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