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Providing Quality Braces and Splints for Residents & Visitors in  Muskoka


Algonquin Orthopaedics is an orthopaedic clinic which operates in conjunction with Orthopedic Appliance Research Ltd. in Toronto. Our Toronto clinic has been supplying clients with quality orthoses (braces & splints) for the past 53 years. In response to a full time need for local services in  Muskoka   Algonquin Orthopaedics was established in 1996.

What are Orthotics? 

Orthotics is the rehabilitative health science that deals with the application of external devices (or orthoses) to the human body to align, protect and improve function of any given body part. This is accomplished by pressure systems and control for motion such as assistance or limitation, which is built into the orthosis.

Orthotic management may be required by clients who suffer from a disease, traumatic injury or congenital  ailment.

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